They say if you looked at your reflection, your true reflection, in the mirror, you would run away from yourself and never look at another mirror again fearing to see again that which horrified you so, but rest assured you won't see it. Your eyes and mind are blind to that reflection, only others can … Continue reading Solitude 


Following John Alexander’s Greatest Creation 

After finishing that story, john devoid of emotion and hope decided to find an answer. This was hard for him to consider and not for the right reasons. His mind has traversed plains of darkness that brought forth the idea of forceful serenity. The idea was daunting, and the voices grew more and more convincing, … Continue reading Following John Alexander’s Greatest Creation 


​Otan was an artist like no other. She would always spend her nights pondering and wondering how she could make something that would be breathtaking to all who laid eyes on it. A piece that would amaze absolutely everyone from all different ages and ethnicities. She did not want to do it for fame or … Continue reading Otan